Pet Tributes

Our pets are family and we often have fond memories of them. Please take a moment to share your memory of your family pet.

If you have something you’d like to share about your family pet, please leave your tribute.


Fred became our first baby just after my husband and I were married. A Laso Alpso, he brought joy in a quiet way to our lives for over 16 years. He was very social and loved for people and other animals to come to the house. We’ll forever carry Fred in our hearts and remember him with love.


Our kitty Silver was the sweetest cat. It is so painful when you lose your pet as they are part of your family. I think sometimes it’s harder to deal with a pet loss than a human loss. We will miss you forever sweet Silver.


I got Benita on my 40th birthday, when she saw me, ran up to me and jumped into my car. She was chipped, and the owner had no issue about me taking her, even though she was 6 months old and a present to his girlfriend(!). She was my constant companion ever since. Her ears sat a little higher on her head than most cats, giving her a look of perpetual curiosity and interest in whatever I was doing or whoever came over to visit. She was very chatting and had a loud, rumbling purr. Always a clown, she was the first to get into an open box, a basket of laundry, a pile of mail, or the computer keyboard. She never stopped being herself, right up until the end. It is so hard to lose a companion when “the time” comes, but she gives no indication of feeling sick or being in pain. She left a huge hole in my heart and I miss her terribly. <3


I knew Casey since he was a teeny tiny kitten found by my friends in their yard on a rainy night in 2000. He was a very sick kitten, but he recovered and lived with them for many years. When they had to move and could not take their cats with them, I took them. Casey was deaf, but he must have been part Siamese because of his facial look and his constant, high pitched talking. He was another constant companion, not so much curious about what I was doing, but just wanted to be on me or next to me or just touching me. In the end, he started having neurological problems, and when the time came, he gave me that “it’s OK, dad” look. I thought for sure he was going to be a 30 year cat, but he had a great 20 year life. <3


I remember the first day we met Flapjack (Mr Winks)…I wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of a dog but that day, he became a member of our family. I had rules, no sleeping on my bed, no laying on sofas, no face licking, to name a few….it didn’t take long before all those rules went out the window and Flap made his way straight to our hearts. He was my faithful friend, my comfort during tough times, my travel buddy and couch potato pal…I didn’t expect he’d leave us so soon, but I’ll treasure every moment we spent together. No other will replace you my sweet little guy… we love and miss you so much, our heart still breaks…

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