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Aquamation Registration
Please complete the registration form below, electronically sign then pay for services. A receipt will be emailed to you right after checkout.
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Once you complete this form, you will be redirected to pay for the Aquamation of your pet.

We guarantee that your pet will receive the best, most caring service available. Thank you for choosing Aqua Transitions.

Aquamation Authorization and Release

By submitting this request and agreeing to the Aquamation Authorization, I authorize Aqua Transitions to contact me via phone, text or email to complete aftercare arrangements and services for my pet and contact my veterinarian on my behalf.

I certify that I am the owner/legal representative of the pet described in the form submission.

I agree to release and indemnify Aqua Transitions their officers, directors, agents, and employees, from any claim, liability, cost or expense resulting from their reliance on or performance consistent with the directions, declarations, representations, authorizations, and agreements herein.

I agree that Aqua Transitions liability for negligent acts (of itself or its agents or employees) is limited to a refund of the Aquamation fees paid by me.

I warrant that all representations and statements contained in this form are true and correct.

I have read and understand this document.


You're welcome to bring your pet and pickup their ashes or have your vet make these arrangements for no additional charge. If you would like for us to pickup and/or deliver to the owner's location that is within 25 miles of our facility, there is a $30 charge for each trip. If you elected Communal Aquamation you do not need to make arrangements for return of your pet's ashes.
How will we receive your pet? *
How will you receive your pet's ashes? *

A Certificate of Aquamation and the following Paw Print Metal Canister and Ink Paw Print is included with your Aquamation processing purchase.

If you'd prefer a different urn or would like to purchase additional momentos to remember you pet with, please visit our Memorial Products shop and add your selections to the cart after you complete your registration.

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